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Fashion’s Love Affair With Logos

Whether you’re into high fashion, sportswear, streetwear (like myself) or not even into fashion at all, you must have noticed the logomania that has been going on for a while now. Both luxury and streetwear labels are getting their oversized logos everywhere. Jackets, t-shirts, bags, footwear, iPhone cases, cash cannons (?), you name it.


It’s kind of funny when you think about it, considering a few years ago wearing logos was an exclusive move from the nouveau riche. But ever since one of the greatest trends from the 90’s made a major comeback in 2016, our perception changed, and we started to wear them with nothing but proud. Two years on, you’d think we’ve seen enough logos, but nah. According to Fashion Week, we’re on for another season.


via Carmen Grace Hamilton, Off-White, Tommy Hilfiger & Amelie Felicia


Clothing companies are woking harder than ever to connect with their audience by any possible means. We as consumers demand a complete experience from them, and having a nice catalogue is no longer enough. We want them to be inclusive in their campaigns, to play the music we like in their stores, to support the movements and the artists we follow, to share our political views, and to offer free shipping, of course.

Those brands who actually manage to do it all we feel strongly bonded with and we make sure to let everyone else know it. How? By wearing their logos in an almost arrogant manner; the bigger the better. We’ve all became unpaid brand ambassadors and we’re totally okay with it. I, for instance, have no problem wearing head-to-toe Adidas and looking as a member of the Russian Mafia.


We’ve all became unpaid brand ambassadors and we’re totally okay with it.


via YSL x Colette, Barbara Malewicz & Highsnobiety


Being fashion a very powerful industry right now, many non-related companies are trying to get in. From Mickey Mouse to worldwide food chains and delivering companies, weird collaborations have been going on lately; Forever 21 x Taco Bell, Vetements x DHL, Kith x Coca-Cola, FILA x Sanrio, and the list goes on…


DHL x Vetements Pop-Up Store at Hong Kong via i-D



Name-dropping is now a thing, which means that having a good, memorable logo is no longer a luxury but rather an absolute need these days since people like me may actually end up wearing it.