Ataula Ceramic // Advertising Poster
2020 // Mexico
2020 // Mexico

Ataula — Contemporary Ceramic.

Ataula is a company with great experience in the commercialization and production of artisan earthenware, ceramic tableware and decorative handmade pieces.

They have achieved a balance between artisanal production and contemporary logistical needs, which has led them to produce for restaurants and hotels.

Ataula Ceramic // Logo and Business Cards



To develop an identity and packaging that effectively communicates the main atributes of the brand.


For Ataula, a serif logo was created with additional elements of irregular strokes in neutral tones that refer to the materials and processes used in the production of ceramics. A typographic combination was also proposed for the peripheries and combines the main characteristics of the brand.

Ataula Ceramic // Advertising Poster
Ataula Ceramic // Logo and Illustrations
Ataula Ceramic // Brand Illustrations

“Contemporary Ceramic”

Ataula Ceramic // Packaging Tissue
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