Hostal Nacional // Logotype
2015 // Mexico
2015 // Mexico

Hostal Nacional.

With a strategic location and an extraordinary service

Hostal Nacional is the perfect accommodation for 21st century backpackers and international travelers in Guadalajara, Mexico.

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Branding & Digital Media

Hostal Nacional // Isotype


Given the the project’s turn, it was very important for the graphic identity to be sufficiently clear and friendly to capture the attention of the international market.


This project was all about contrast; modernity vs. tradition. The logo is inspired by the Art Deco movement, present in Guadalajara during the 1940’s through different architectural manifestations. The color palette was selected based on the colors of the hostel interior.

Hostal Nacional // Letterhead and Business Cards
Hostal Nacional // The Hostel

“Modernity vs. Tradition”

Hostal Nacional // Mobile Website
Hostal Nacional // The DJ
Hostal Nacional // Desktop Website
Hostal Nacional // Laura
Hostal Nacional // Logotype
Hostal Nacional // Mobile Website
Hostal Nacional // Mobile Website
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