Peacock // Envelopes, Makeup Packaging and Thank You Card
2018 // Mexico
2018 // Mexico


A Mexican makeup brand aimed at a young market that looks for makeup at affordable prices, but is appropriate to their values and lifestyle.

They have more than 30 makeup products as well as different accessories such as eyelashes and serums.

Peacock // Advertising Poster, Makeup Packaging and Envelope



To refresh the image of the brand to attract more customers and make it more attractive to the rest of the audience.


The concept of femininity was reinterpreted, taking a more contemporary approach, through a modern and fresh look. To achieve this, it was decided to use bold and extended typographies, with nude tones and holographic foil.

Peacock // Packaging
Peacock // Thank You Card
Peacock // Typographic Application

“Unleash the real you”

Peacock // Logotype
Peacock // Packaging for Lipstick
Peacock // Packaging for Lipstick
Peacock // Magazine Ads
Peacock // Envelope
Peacock // Advertising Poster
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