Thinc Institue // Business Cards
2016 // Mexico
2016 // Mexico

Thinc Institute.

Until 2016, Thinc Institute was a learning center that offered intensive courses

and training in Web Design and Programming, from the very basics to a professional level.

Branding, Digital Media & Advertising

Thinc Institue // Website and Stationary


To communicate the high level of knowledge and experience behind THINC Institute through an avant-garde concept that evoked confidence.


Although the brand had to convey professionalism, we thought it was also important for it to maintain its youthful essence. Therefore, we created a clean and modern brand, where the use of Sans-serif typefaces and an extensive contrasting color palette, between neutrals and gradients, were key elements.

Thinc Institue // Letterhead
Thinc Institue // Mobile Webstite

“To convey professionalism while maintaining a youthful essence”

Thinc Institue // Desktop Website
Thinc Institue // Desktop Website
Thinc Institue // Poster
Thinc Institue // Advertising on different media
Thinc Institue // Front-end development course poster
Thinc Institue // The Institute
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