México Trasciende // Artistic Photo
2014 // Mexico
2014 // Mexico

México Trasciende.

Mexico Trasciende is an annual congress organized by the Tecnologico de Monterrey under the direction of Student Groups.

Its goal is to create a space for learning and awareness among the student community. In its first edition, Mexico’s ex-president Felipe Calderon led the list of speakers.

México Trasciende // Branding

Branding & Digital Media


We were hired to design the graphic identity of the event. It had to look professional and youthful at the same time so it would caught the students’ attention.


We chose a Sans-serif typeface accompanied by an iconography that refers to the congress’ name. We played with contrast: black and white photographs intervened by bright colors to achieve the desired professional and youthful appearance.

México Trasciende // Posters
México Trasciende // Felipe Calderon
México Trasciende // Desktop Webpage

A space for learning, attractive to students.

México Trasciende // Staff ID
México Trasciende // Logo
México Trasciende // Advertisement
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