Ventua // Advertising Layouts
2017 // Mexico
2017 // Mexico


Ventua is a company that develops POS solutions, which allows the management of sales-related tasks, prepare inventories or generate reports that help in business management.

They work on premise and using the cloud, in addition to training the personnel in charge of the correct usage of the software.

Branding & Digital Media

Ventua // Tablet Website Design


To develop a graphic identity and website that effectively communicate technology, quality, and modernity.


For Ventua, an isotype was created that arises from a letter V that expresses dynamism and refers to connectivity and the flow of information. The color palette alternates between Indian red and neon green, along with the rest of the graphic elements, the identity and the website are accessible and modern.

Ventua // Isotype
Ventua // Mobile Website

“Worldwide solutions”

Ventua // Logotype
Ventua // Ventua Cloud Isotype in Green
Ventua // Ventua Cloud Logotype
Ventua // Mobile Website
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