BRUMM // Logotype
2017 // Mexico
2017 // Mexico


BRUMM is a brand developed by Coppel, dedicated to sale accessories for motorcyclists, such as helmets and gloves, among others.

BRUMM pursuits to give their accessories a sense of exclusivity, rebellion, and comfort, through high-quality materials at affordable prices.


BRUMM // Logo on Motorcycle


To develop name, identity and applications that effectively communicate the values of the brand.


The name comes from the sound that motorcycles make when starting. The logo was created from the abstraction of a tire, adding a narrow geometric typeface, which projects solidity and a modern look. The rest of the identity remains sober and naturally adapts to all the brand applications.

BRUMM // Logo on Helmet
BRUMM // Advertising Poster
BRUMM // Logo on engine

“Ride free”

BRUMM // Armor
BRUMM // Logo on Motorcycle
BRUMM // Packaging for Helmet
BRUMM // Leather Jacket
BRUMM // Flyer
BRUMM // Packaging for motorcycle gloves
BRUMM // Armor Jacket
BRUMM // Typeface application for textyles
BRUMM // Clothing Label
BRUMM // Gloves Packaging in Cardboard
BRUMM // Gloves Packaging in Plastic
BRUMM // Logo on fabric tag
BRUMM // Cardboard Tags
BRUMM // Shoe Boxes
BRUMM // Poster
BRUMM // Shoe sole design
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