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2020 // Mexico
2020 // Mexico

Aurea Weddings — Cinematography.

Cinematography company from Guadalajara dedicated to the video recording of weddings and social events. With their equipment and technology, they offer the highest quality standards, while capturing these special dates' emotions.

With professionalism, their clients feel comfortable and it's reflected in their final videos full of spontaneity and great moments.

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To develop a current and effective website that highlights the company's video work.


We created a simple and elegant website for Aurea Weddings, that it's easy to navigate with special emphasis on their services and portfolio. The website revolves around different clips in simultaneous playback, in a minimal interface that allows the user to appreciate the quality of the video.

Aurea Weddings // Website
Aurea Weddings // Wedding Photography Website

“Beyond the unforgettable”

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