Arúgula Juice Bar // Items to Go
2016 // Mexico
2016 // Mexico

Arúgula Juice Bar.

Following the #healthylifestyle trend, Arúgula Juice Bar was a vegetarian restaurant that served delicious homemade meals

in one of the most important commercial areas of Guadalajara. All dishes were prepared with 100 percent fresh and organic ingredients.

Branding & Advertising

Arúgula Juice Bar // Logotype


To create a brand to communicate the restaurant’s personality: friendly and organic. It must immediately connect with the target market.


In this case, the inspiration was quite obvious: arugula. We used a classic typeface along with a handmade illustration for the logo, and handwriting for social media. As for the color palette, green predominates while yellow and orange remain secondary. We proposed materials in their natural state such as cardboard for the packaging.

Arúgula Juice Bar // Coffee Cups
Arúgula Juice Bar // Detox Juice

“Friendly and organic”

Arúgula Juice Bar // Stationery and Periferials
Arúgula Juice Bar // Coffee Cups and Coasters
Arúgula Juice Bar // Isotype
Arúgula Juice Bar // Order Sheet
Arúgula Juice Bar // Business Cards
Arúgula Juice Bar // Bag, Letterhead, Envelope, Coffee Cup and to-Go Label
Arúgula Juice Bar // Social Media and Pagckaging To-Go
Arúgula Juice Bar // Menu
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