Booh & More // Logotype and Dress
2015 // Spain
2015 // Spain

Booh & More

Located in Albacete, Spain, BOOH & MORE is an exclusive boutique inspired by the Boho-chic movement.

It is ideal for contemporary women who are constantly looking for the latest trends in fashion.

Booh & More // Website and Stationary

Branding & Digital Media


Being a high-end project entirely targeted at the female sector, it was crucial for the brand identity to demonstrate exclusivity and delicacy.


We proposed a simple and modern type with personalized spacing. The color palette seeks to instantly connect with the target marked; it also adds softness.

Booh & More // Logotype
Booh & More // Texture
Booh & More // Model

“Inspired by the Boho-chic movement”

Booh & More // Business Cards
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