Salsa Escarlata // Branding
2017 // Mexico
2017 // Mexico

Escarlata Catorce.

Escarlata is an spicy chili and oil sauce, made in Mexico in an artisanal manner.

Given its natural origin, it is preservative and Trans Fat-free.

Branding & Digital Media

Salsa Escarlata // Logotype


To create an identity that displays the natural and artisanal attributes of the sauce in such a way that a future brand expansion is possible.


The name "Escarlata" refers to the red color of the sauce, and provides a strong brand personality. For the logo, a vertical arrangement and weight variations between the characters was suggested. Given the brand expansion plans, a highly adaptable label layout was proposed. As a quick product differentiation strategy, we opted for neutral colors, contrary to what is commonly used by commercial brands. Illustrations of the ingredients evoke tradition.

Salsa Escarlata // Logotype
Salsa Escarlata // Bottles

“Made in Mexico in an artisanal manner”

Salsa Escarlata // Salsa and Chili
Salsa Escarlata // Salsa and Chili
Salsa Escarlata // Tho Flavors
Salsa Escarlata // Ispotype
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