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2014 // Mexico
2014 // Mexico


Musketeer is a Mexican firm that offers professional training and consultancy in business and administration issues to the foreign market that wishes to start a business in Mexico, in a successful manner.

Their services range from the company’s registration to the design and construction of manufacturing plants.

Branding & Digital Media

Musketeer // Brand Identity


To develop a graphic identity that is attractive to the foreign audience, and also inspires seriousness, professionalism, experience and confidence.


A classic style was proposed. For the logo, we chose a Serif font that adds a touch of seriousness and professionalism to the project, and for the website, a range of neutral colors, an organized layout, and portraits of the directors in black and white.

Musketeer // Brochure
Musketeer // Business Cards

“A brand that inspires seriousness, professionalism, experience and confidence”

Musketeer // Brochure
Musketeer // Letterhead
Musketeer // Logotype
Musketeer // Isotype
Musketeer // Brochure
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