Eléc // Brochure and Letterhead
2016 // Mexico
2016 // Mexico


Eléc Energía is an electricity supply company specialized in electric power efficiency in different business areas.

Also, it offers personalized attention and advisory to a very specific market segment known as "qualified users".

Eléc // Logotype

Branding & Advertising


To create a graphic concept to communicate the brand personality: safe, reliable, agile and efficient.


To project the brand attributes correctly, we decided to use a Sans-serif Condensed font on the logo. Also, we added a focus abstraction to the first “E" so the company’s turn would be even more obvious. We chose red in reference to fire, source of natural light.

Eléc // Brochure
Eléc // Infographic
Eléc // Picture

“Safe, reliable, agile and efficient”

Eléc // Business Cards
Eléc // Expo Banner
Eléc // Copy
Eléc // Letterhead
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