Torre Manath // Logotype
2019 // Mexico
2019 // Mexico

Torre Manath.

Torre Manath is an exclusive complex of 30 apartments, located in the heart of Tampico. It offers a great lifestyle and memorable experiences through its exclusive amenities.

This project aims to become the best living option for young people in Tampico.

Torre Manath // Stationary

Branding, Digital Media & Advertising


To create a memorable brand encounter that shows the projects experience and professionalism which connects with the target market.


For Torre Manath the graphic identity must indicate the complex exclusive lifestyle; the sophistication and exclusivity of the project are reflected through the color palette and the typographic choice.

Torre Manath // Logotype
Torre Manath // Tablet Website
Torre Manath // Isotype

“Capturing the city’s vibrant energy”

Torre Manath // Business Cards
Torre Manath // Letterhead
Torre Manath // Corporate Folder
Torre Manath // Advertising Billboard
Torre Manath // Mobile Website & Istagram Post
Torre Manath // Brochure
Torre Manath // Appartments Technical Specifications Sheet
Torre Manath // Isotype
Torre Manath // Appartment Availability Chart
Torre Manath // Brochure
Torre Manath // Banners
Torre Manath // Building Render
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