Josefin Magazine // Artistic Photo
2015 // Canada
2015 // Canada

Josefin Magazine.

Beyond tequila and Mariachi, Mexico has an enormous cultural wealth that is, unfortunately, unknown by the international market.

Josefin is a magazine that seeks to expose the cultural side of our country, through the promotion of Mexican art, in all its dimensions.

Josefin Magazine // Logotype

Branding & Digital Media


To expose the importance of art and culture in the project, through a graphic concept visually appealing for the international audience.


Since the magazine was going to disclose the cultural and artistic scenarios of our country, we needed to develop a visual identity as artistic as the magazine’s content. To achieve this, we decided to use a Serif typeface with copper finishes for the logo and also for titles; and Sans-serif for the content.

Josefin Magazine // Desktop Website
Josefin Magazine // Texture
Josefin Magazine // Business Cards

A magazine to disclose the cultural and artistic scenarios of Mexico.

Josefin Magazine // Printed Magazine Article
Josefin Magazine // The Magazine
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Josefin Magazine // Texture
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