La Cultural // Logotype
2014 // Mexico
2014 // Mexico

La Cultural.

Located right in front of the Autonomous University of Nayarit, La Cultural was a coffee shop

that served immediate and inexpensive meals to hundreds of students for more than three years.

Branding & Advertising

La Cultural // Wrapping Paper, and Cookies


To develop a modern graphic concept that connects with the target market: students.


We developed a relaxed and playful proposal. Seeking to connect with the target market, we experimented with the size and arrangement of the letters, both in the logo and in the isotype. Through the same youthful language, an iconography was designed for the menus, and a pattern for the packaging.

La Cultural // Posters
La Cultural // Coffee Cup

“Immediate and inexpensive”

La Cultural // Menu
La Cultural // Bilboard
La Cultural // Coffee Pouch
La Cultural // Wall Menu
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