Alzare Cold Brew Coffee // Bottle of Cold Brew Coffee
2018 // Mexico
2018 // Mexico

Alzare Cold Brew.

Alzare is a low-calorie coffee-based energy drink, a natural solution to other energy shots and drinks.

Their products are 100% natural, non-sugar, syrups or added fats, made with Mexican fair trade coffee.

Alzare Cold Brew Coffee // Bottles over coffee grains



To create the visual identity of the brand through a package that communicates that it is an intelligent, energetic, sophisticated and high-quality drink.


We wanted to highlight the natural origin of the drink and its main ingredient, so it was decided to create an isotype that shows a coffee plant supported by a star-shaped branch alluding to the shot of energy and power of caffeine. All of this in combo with dynamic and elegant typography.

Alzare Cold Brew Coffee // Business Cards
Alzare Cold Brew Coffee // Illustration Detail
Alzare Cold Brew Coffee // Logotype

“Get up, get coffee, be HAPPY”

Alzare Cold Brew Coffee // Cold Brew Coffee in Aluminium Can
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