EMBLER // Poster
2020 // Mexico
2020 // Mexico

EMBLER — Auto parts.

Embler is a company based in the State of Mexico, dedicated to marketing spare parts for the maintenance of European luxury cars.

These are exclusive parts, so most of their sales are online, with shipments throughout the republic with private customers and some established mechanical workshops.

EMBLER // Social Media Posts Design



To develop an identity and packaging that effectively communicates the main attributes of the brand.


For Embler, a geometric sans serif logo with straight lines was created, which alludes to the technical character of the brand. An isotype was also made that takes the letter "E" and forms a flag that resembles those used on racing circuits. The color palette is consistent with the brand, using black as the main color and accents in yellow.

EMBLER // Business Cards Design
EMBLER // Logo Design
EMBLER // Isotype

“Luxury Behind Cars”

EMBLER // Letterhead
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