Limere — Joyería // Mobile Website and Vulvanic Papaya 18 Karat Gold Necklace
2019 // Mexico
2019 // Mexico


LIMERE “Love and Erotism Jewelry” by Bárbara Tutifruti is a new fresh and unbeatable offer for fine jewelry made of different materials and finishings, based in Guadalajara.

Limere’s values, reflected in their products, stand for inclusion, love, desire, and impulses. Just love in whatever shape, color, and gender.

Digital Media

Limere — Joyería // Desktop Website


To create a website that portrays the authentic and modern style of the brand. Friendly and intuitive interface, that allows its consumers to purchase in a fast and easy way.


For Limere we created a website that went along with the brand essence: Modern and inclusive style, user-friendly and efficient.

Limere — Joyería // Rings, Flowers & Girls Banner - Website Detail
Limere — Joyería // Mobile Website Menu

“Let’s love love”

Limere — Joyería // Website Banners Desing
Limere — Joyería // Tablet Version of the Website
Limere — Joyería // Mobile Website
Limere — Joyería // E-commerce
Limere — Joyería // Website Elements Design in Different Platforms
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