ÁPEX Desarrolladora // Branding
2019 // Mexico
2019 // Mexico

Ápex Desarrolladora.

A real estate project developer company which focuses on the management of high-quality projects at affordable prices.

They offer investment opportunities and provide greatest benefits to their clients.


ÁPEX Desarrolladora // Advertising poster in mupi


To develop a graphic identity that communicates trust, high quality and professionalism.


To correctly project the attributes of Ápex, a minimalist approach was chosen. With a typography that communicates importance and professionalism, combined with a color palette which reflects modernity and relevance.

ÁPEX Desarrolladora // Business Cards
ÁPEX Desarrolladora // Logotype

“Modern project management”

ÁPEX Desarrolladora // Bilboard: OOH Adertising
ÁPEX Desarrolladora // Letterhead
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