PAMA Consulting // Branding
2017 // Mexico
2017 // Mexico

PAMA Consulting.

Directed by Paola Martín, PAMA was a business consultancy that provided personalized advice

for several companies from different business areas.


PAMA Consulting // Logotype


Long story short, the project’s goal was to develop a “youthful within formality” graphic identity.


By applying a discreet Sans-serif font and developing an isotype of medium complexity, along with academic colors such as bottle green, white and Oxford gray with silver finishes, and a playful arrangement in the stationery, we created a brand that suggests seriousness and professionalism without becoming boring.

PAMA Consulting // Branding
PAMA Consulting // Isotype

Youthful within formality.

PAMA Consulting // Letterhead
PAMA Consulting // Envelope
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