Moussel // Logotype
2015 // Mexico
2015 // Mexico


Created by a Biotechnology Engineer, MOUSSEL is an innovative brand of cosmetic and personal hygiene products for both men and women.

Their catalog include hypoallergenic products made with coffee, lavender, avocado and activated charcoal, among others. All of them, made by hand and free of sulfates, silicones, parabens, and artificial colors.


Moussel // Packaging and Activated Carbon


To achieve a natural aesthetic, and to emphasize the product’s natural properties through a modern and professional graphic concept.


To achieve the requested modern and professional appearance, we proposed a classic typeface along with a modern isotype for the logo. Since they have an offer for both sexes, the color palette is limited to neutral colors. Following the isotype’s aesthetic line, we designed a set of patterns for the different packaging needs.

Moussel // Soap
Moussel // Logo and Pattern

“Belleza natural y orgánica”

Moussel // Essential Oils
Moussel // Soap
Moussel // Body Scrub
Moussel // Shaving Soap Jar
Moussel // Handcrafted Soaps
Moussel // Lip balm
Moussel // Bag and Body Loation
Moussel // Handcrafted Soap
Moussel // Paper Pattern
Moussel // Patterns
Moussel // Letterhead and Business Cards
Moussel // Girl
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