UNIVER Nayarit // Webisite
2015 // Mexico
2015 // Mexico

UNIVER Nayarit.

Under the manifesto "Being, Growing, Knowing and Giving", UNIVER is a private higher education institution.

With more than 12 campus, UNIVER offers a vast academic offer; from bachelor’s degree to masters.

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Digital Media

UNIVER Nayarit // Desktop Website


Design and development of a modern and highly usable website to introduce UNIVER Campus Nayarit as an excellent option to study.


Since the site would be mostly frequented by students, we proposed a simple and modern web structure that prioritizes the topics of interest for such users. We used a language -both visual and written- of aspirational nature, supported by a palette of bright colors.

UNIVER Nayarit // Courses website page
UNIVER Nayarit // Logotype

“Being, Growing, Knowing and Giving”

UNIVER Nayarit // Mobile Website
UNIVER Nayarit // Mobile Website
UNIVER Nayarit // Tablet Website
UNIVER Nayarit // Website desing element
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