Casa Pujol 87 // Website
2016 // Mexico
2016 // Mexico

Casa Pujol 87.

For experts by experts, Tequila Casa Pujol 87 is the continuity of a family legacy with expertise in tequila production.

Made out of 100% blue agave, this premium alcoholic drink is distinguished for having the unique flavor of Jalisco Highlands.

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Branding & Digital Media

Casa Pujol 87 // Website and Stationary


Design and development of website and corporate stationery. In both cases, it was imperative to maintain the brand essence, and to emphasize the product’s premium attributes.


The harmonious combination of Serif and Sans-serif fonts over neutral colors and large format photographs emerged as an elegant website worthy of a premium product. We proposed not to promote Casa Pujol 87 as a drink, but rather as a sensorial experience. Regarding the stationery, we decided to keep it simple and chic like the bottle: white with gold and blue finishes.

Casa Pujol 87 // Nota de Cata
Casa Pujol 87 // Website

“The continuity of a family legacy with expertise in tequila production”

Casa Pujol 87 // Business Cards
Casa Pujol 87 // Folder
Casa Pujol 87 // Letterhead
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