MUBE // Wallpaper
2017 // Mexico
2017 // Mexico


MUBE is an original system of splitting fares that works through an app that connects owners of heavy cargo vehicles directly and immediately with both small and big businesses

with specific needs that require a fast and reliable product shipping service at an affordable price.

MUBE // App Screen



The project being an app, it was essential to develop a modern and avant-garde look without leaving aside the clarity in communication.


We created a novel graphic identity possible through the mixture of bright colors in gradient and Serif typefaces. Regarding the interface’s usability, we designed a highly visual iconography to ease the user's navigation

MUBE // App Screens
MUBE // Isotype
MUBE // Isotype

“highly visual iconography to ease the user's navigation”

MUBE // UI Icons
MUBE // Letterhead
MUBE // Business Cards
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