ChektAhora // Advertising, Art Direction and Illustrtion
2019 // Mexico
2019 // Mexico


Company dedicated to the detection of STIs, through a home analysis kit. Chektahora offers to their patients a comfortable and painless experience by self-testing for an STI.

The results are consulted online and have specialized doctors who advise the entire process.

Digital Media & Advertising

ChektAhora // Logotype


To develop a global campaign with graphic communication that effectively transmits quality and effectiveness and to generate a link between the company and the customer, perceiving the brand as reliable and safe.


From research on different types of public, several discursive lines were created to communicate the objectives of the campaign. “Live without fear” and “Self love” were some of the copies used in the different applications. The same brand’s color palette was kept, and additional illustrations were created to engage with the audience.

ChektAhora // Packaging and Illustration
ChektAhora // Packaging and Illustration
ChektAhora // Illustrated instructions manual

“Live without fear”

ChektAhora // Illustrations and Advertising Poster
ChektAhora // Instagram Ad
ChektAhora // Advertising Concept
ChektAhora // Advertising Concept
ChektAhora // Instagram Stories
ChektAhora // Advertising Concept
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