Hitters // Online Store Packaging
2020 // Mexico
2020 // Mexico

Hitters — Hits Better.

Hitters is a brand for marijuana paraphernalia that brings a new experience in products and accessories for smokers, with the best quality and at the best price, while creating a smoking community.

They offer accessories and innovative products at the lowest possible cost with an effective distribution thanks to their online store.

Branding & Digital Media

Hitters // Logotype


To create a modern brand identity, which reflects the experience and knowledge of the company. As well, to develop an accessible and easy-to-navigate Shopify e-commerce.


For the logo, a bold sans-serif typeface was used, along with various auxiliary elements that come out from the logo. The color palette is in dark and green tones, according to the urban nature of the brand. The website offers an intuitive and easy-to-navigate user experience.

Hitters // Envelope
Hitters // Pattern Design
Hitters // Brand Peripherials

“Hits Better””

Hitters // Ecommerce Website Design
Hitters // Logo on Product
Hitters // Advertising Poster
Hitters // Packaging
Hitters // Poster Design
Hitters // Merch Design
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