WEPLUG // Products and Slogan Branding
2019 // Mexico
2019 // Mexico


WEPLUG is a Mexican brand of approachable mobile accessories. One of the most important goals of the company is to give to the customer a type of product that can be easily transported.

The second goal of the company and the one they are primarily focused on is to have quality products at accessible prices.


WEPLUG // USB-C and Micro USB Cables Packaging


To create a graphic identity and packaging design that denotes quality, confidence and increases the perceived quality of the product. At the same time, it needs to be commercial and attractive to users.


The modern and striking design of the branding differentiates the product from competitors. The original brand logo is maintained and combined with a new color palette.

WEPLUG // Multiple cables in small packaging
WEPLUG // Isotypes

“Basics with a fresh new feeling”

WEPLUG // Brand Book Detail
WEPLUG // Transparent Bag
WEPLUG // Cardboard Box
WEPLUG // Metallic Pouch
WEPLUG // Boxes
WEPLUG // Metallic Pouch
WEPLUG // Transparent Premium Box
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