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2019 // Mexico
2019 // Mexico


Prolux is a Mexican company responsible for optimizing energy use through the implementation of viable and professional solutions for their customers.

Using the combination of several professional knowledge and techniques with a background in the energy industry, Prolux guarantees energy savings via photovoltaic systems.

Prolux // Business Cards

Branding & Digital Media


To develop a graphic identity using digital media that communicates quality, efficiency, and professionalism.


For Prolux, we opted for a minimalistic approach. For the logo, we decided to keep it simple by mixing two typefaces and adding an angled gradient line across on the company's name. The color palette, blue and gray, goes well with the business activity.

Prolux // Logotype
Prolux // Branding Detail
Prolux // Solar Cells Picture

“Cutting edge technology to solve any situation”

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