Bonaterra // Advertising
2019 // Mexico
2019 // Mexico


Bonaterra is the ideal space for family living, a unique private residential development with large green areas, parks, and more.

Their residential houses have 3 bedrooms with a modern and innovative touch.

Branding & Advertising

Bonaterra // Bilboard


To create an advertising campaign to promote Bonaterra residential houses to younger audiences, and to make a difference from the competitors through a modern design proposal.


A modern take with striking design combining minimalistic graphics was proposed to correctly communicate the attributes of these residential spaces. Different types of advertising material such as brochures, merchandise, a brandbook, photographs were created to accomplish the main objective.

Bonaterra // Graphic Layout
Bonaterra // Girl carrying an ice-cream

“A space to enjoy”

Bonaterra // Logotype in different colors
Bonaterra // Color Palette
Bonaterra // Isotype Detail
Bonaterra // Various Bilboards
Bonaterra // Advertising Billboard
Bonaterra // Happy Girl Picture
Bonaterra // Happy Girl Poster
Bonaterra // Green Areas Poster
Bonaterra // Geometric Illustration
Bonaterra // Facebook Post
Bonaterra // Banners
Bonaterra // Mockup Advertising
Bonaterra // Geometric Illustration
Bonaterra // Lady Reading Advertising
Bonaterra // Facebook Posts
Bonaterra // Girl Holding a Grapefruit Picture
Bonaterra // Hanging Sign Advertising
Bonaterra // Instagram Post
Bonaterra // Facebook Posts
Bonaterra // Banner
Bonaterra // Instagram Posts
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