Valentina // Bilboard Art
2017 // Mexico
2017 // Mexico

Salsa Valentina.

Valentina is a very successful Mexican hot sauce brand produced in Guadalajara and marketed by Grupo Tamazula, an industry leader.

Because of its unique flavor and its huge presence in stores, Valentina is one of the most demanded hot sauces nationwide.

Valentina // Promotional Packaging

Branding & Advertising


Grupo Tamazula came to us looking for a dynamic advertising campaign with Valentina sauce as the center of attention. It was required for it to be bright and have loads of movement.


We objectified Valentina’s essence in a loud, energetic campaign. Due to the brand positioning, it was essential to respect its identity; hence our color selection. Movement was achieved through product photographs in serving suggestion. We designed a pattern inspired by the Aztec culture to evoke patriotism. #EchaleMexico

Valentina // Powder Chile Sauce
Valentina // Logotype
Valentina // Billboard Art for the New Powder Chile Sauce

“We objectified Valentina’s essence in a loud, energetic campaign.”

Valentina // Costa Brava's Billboard Art
Valentina // Tamazula's Billboard Art
Valentina // Aztec Pattern
Valentina // Semi-Truck Trailer Art
Valentina // Metro Train Advertising
Valentina // Price List
Valentina // Poster
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