Buenavida Homes // Branding
2019 // USA
2019 // USA

Buenavida Homes.

A company dedicated to the promotion and rental of luxury properties with a large number of hospital services and amenities.

Buena Vida welcomes and helps their guests to create pleasant moments while staying at any one of their homes.


Buenavida Homes // Logotype


To develop a graphic identity that effectively communicates quality and comfort. Also, the brand should be perceived as a reliable and cozy.


For Buena Vida was chosen a serif typographic logo with ornaments that accentuate the classic brand character. The color palette is sober but warm, and the auxiliary typography gives a contemporary touch achieving a perfect balance.

Buenavida Homes // Business Card
Buenavida Homes // Interior Design
Buenavida Homes // Color Palette and Typography

“Where Luxury and Convenience Combine”

Buenavida Homes // Stationary Desing
Buenavida Homes // Color Background Isotype
Buenavida Homes // Advertising
Buenavida Homes // Corporate Render
Buenavida Homes // Texture Background Logotype
Buenavida Homes // Advertising
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