Estónica 28 // Uniform Shirt
2018 // Mexico
2018 // Mexico

Estónica 28.

Mexican company specialized in the distribution and sale of construction materials.

Estónica28 also diversifies its products and services by selling hardware as well as all types of tools.


Estónica 28 // Advertising Posters


To develop a graphic identity and website that communicates trust, high quality, and professionalism. Also, being coherent to the industry in which the company belongs.


For Estónica28 it was decided to make a geometric and strong logo that communicates seriousness. The angular lines suggest a technical and industrial character. The contrasting color palette integrated by black and yellow is bright and appropriated to the characteristics of the project.

Estónica 28 // Emailing
Estónica 28 // Logotype T-shirt

“Build like a Master”

Estónica 28 // Paint Bucket
Estónica 28 // Product Information
Estónica 28 // Business Cards
Estónica 28 // Uniform
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