Fintecimal App // Logotype
2018 // Mexico
2018 // Mexico


Fintecimal is a FinTech star-up company, software development FinTech start-up for the financial industry, designed to accelerate the integration of files. As the name implies, it allows knowing the exact digits of a figure, even counting decimals located after the two zeros of the cents.

It enables banks, insurers, and other industries to accelerate credit authorization times, increase their sales by collecting and reviewing documents quickly and efficiently.

Fintecimal App // Business Cards



To generate an identity that looks technological, young and avant-garde, easy to recognize and memorable.


The logo, all its applications and usages were the main focus of the entire brand and graphics. The logo originates from a digital and numerical concept, referring to the business approach of the platform.

Fintecimal App // Guy Illustration
Fintecimal App // Financial Graph
Fintecimal App // Geometric Background Slogan

“We fix it”

Fintecimal App // Mobile App
Fintecimal App // Isotype
Fintecimal App // Green Background
Fintecimal App // Landing Page
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