Gobierno // Guadalajara
2015 // Mexico
2015 // Mexico

Government of Guadalajara

Under Aristoteles Sandoval’s term, the Government of Jalisco constantly works in coordination with the Government of Guadalajara

to carry out various social programs and initiatives in favor of boosting the economy, education and the general welfare of the state.

Gobierno // Digital Media



Our goal was to develop a 360º advertising campaign to communicate the activities and achievements of the government.


We developed a highly visual and easy-to-understand graphic communication, in which the use of photographs and Serif fonts were a key element. The "Bienevales" campaign was designed and adapted for both digital and printed publications. We also designed an inclusive iconography.

Gobierno // Ilustration
Gobierno // Advertisement
Gobierno // Ilustration

Effectively communicate the government activities.

Gobierno // Brochure
Gobierno // Website
Gobierno // Icons
Gobierno // Digital Media
Gobierno // Booklet
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