Healtastic // Packaging Design
2021 // Mexico
2021 // Mexico

Healtastic — Healthy Food.

A brand dedicated to the marketing and distribution of healthy food products with great flavors. Healtastic focuses on a current lifestyle, so they offer products for young people concerned about their health and wellness.

They look to establish themselves as a marketing brand in Mexico, through online stores and to have their own line of products.


Healtastic // Logotype


To develop a strategy to create both naming and visual identity that reflects the professionalism and healthy but friendly life-style of the brand.


The logo and isotype were created from a serif typeface, and the "h" isotype is the result of the abstraction of a butterfly. The color palette and the rest of the elements are vibrant and reflect the young spirit of the brand. The name comes from the union of the words "Health" and "Fantastic".

Healtastic // Isotype
Healtastic // Color Palette and Pattern

“Natural tasting”

Healtastic // Letterhead
Healtastic // Business Cards
Healtastic // Packaging Design
Healtastic // Pattern Design
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Healtastic // Brand Pattern
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