Landré Watches // Logotype and Watch application
2021 // Mexico
2021 // Mexico

Landré Watches.

Landré is a new brand of analog wristwatches characterized by the use of the Tourbillon, a mechanism that improves precision and it’s a symbol of status in the haute horlogerie. The company was born of a fascination for watchmaking and craftsmanship. Its mission is to create a product that offers high quality at an affordable price.

They approach their products in luxury, not from opulence and excess, but from sobriety and attention to detail.

Branding & Digital Media

Landré Watches // Logotype


To design a classic and elegant visual identity, without losing sight of the brand's modernity.


For the logo, a serif typeface was used with long serifs and diagonal angles, which helps to accentuate the strong personality of the brand. The "L" and "E" is a recognizable icon for the brand, and the understated color palette reinforces the elegant nature of the company and its products.

Landré Watches // Isotype
Landré Watches // Logotype on Watch
Landré Watches // Photo and slogan

“More than tradition. We are a legacy”

Landré Watches // Packaging
Landré Watches // Isotype
Landré Watches // Certificate
Landré Watches // Landré Watches
Landré Watches // Website Design
Landré Watches // Advertising
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