L'Art Original // L'Art Original brand motto
2019 // Canada
2019 // Canada

L'Art Original.

A dynamic company focused on recognizing and supporting emerging artists by working as a bridge between them -galleries and collectors all around the globe-.

Their online platform helps artists to interact with customers and different exhibition spaces and galleries. Authenticity, integrity, avant-garde and global reach, are adjectives that best describe L’Art Original.

Branding & Digital Media

L'Art Original // Logotype


Create not just a logo, but a whole experience for L’Art Original. Both graphic identity and the website, must communicate dynamism, avant-garde artistry and worldwide reach as well as to show the company’s values, integrity, and trust, to their consumers.


The branding for L’Art Original is avant-garde, disruptive, radical and trendy. The website design matches the values of the company: dynamism, authenticity, trust, and integrity.

L'Art Original // Business Cards
L'Art Original // Advertising Poster

“Time to start building your art collection. Be exposed”

L'Art Original // Website Design
L'Art Original // Website on Mobile Browser
L'Art Original // Website on Desktop and Mobile Browser
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