LUO Leasing // Stationary
2019 // Mexico
2019 // Mexico

LUO Leasing.

Luo is a Mexican company specialized in building corporate spaces, designing them according to the vision of their customers and finally leasing them, achieving the perfect workspaces.

They are a fast-growing, experienced and efficient company that finds innovative solutions for their customers’ needs.

LUO Leasing // Branding Geometric Detail

Branding & Digital Media


To portray the essence of the company and its core values, high quality, trust, and excellence, through the design of an innovative graphic identity.


For Luo, we opted for a modern, elegant and friendly design. The combination of pink and blue shows Luo as inclusive and innovative.

LUO Leasing // Business Cards
LUO Leasing // Logo
LUO Leasing // A Unique Office

“Right for every need”

LUO Leasing // Landing Page
LUO Leasing //  Stationary
LUO Leasing // Background Color
LUO Leasing // Banner
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