MF Cosmetics // Cleansing Water Product Shot
2019 // Mexico
2019 // Mexico

MF Cosmetics.

Mexican beauty products and cosmetics brand, as well as accessories with the best quality at affordable prices.

With more than 10 years out in the market and distributors throughout the country, MF Cosmetics is one of the best makeup options nationwide.


MF Cosmetics // Logotype


Refresh the identity of the brand, highlighting the great quality and variety of their products. As well as distinguished from the competition through a current and modern design proposal.


For MF Cosmetics the logo was adjusted while keeping the sober and elegant personality of the brand. A design line was developed for each type of product, distingishing between them but with visual congruence with the brand. The black and white palette, the bold typefaces, as well as the clean composition, achieve a minimalist and modern style in the overall identity.

MF Cosmetics // Before and After of the Logotype
MF Cosmetics // Typeface & Color Applications

“More than you imagined”

MF Cosmetics // Business Cards
MF Cosmetics // Makeup Base Cream
MF Cosmetics // Advertising Banner and Products
MF Cosmetics // Eye Primer Packaging
MF Cosmetics // Product Tag
MF Cosmetics // Letterhead
MF Cosmetics // Liquid Lipstic and Brush Cleanser Packaging
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