Real de Jade // Coffee Packaging
2018 // Mexico
2018 // Mexico

Real de Jade Coffee.

Real de Jade is a very high quality Mexican coffee brand grown by indigenous people in the Fraylesca Region in Chiapas, Mexico. Since the coffee is seeded at more than 1,800 meters above sea level

and under a colder climate for quality purposes, sustainability and social responsibility is well attributed to the brand.

Real de Jade // Logotype



The idea was to create a visual identity to communicate the coffee’s originality from Chiapas as well as its attributes: quality, sustainability and social responsibility.


We proposed an identity highly inspired in Chiapas: for the logo we selected a classic font accompanied by a handmade jaguar from the region. For packaging, we proposed black and green in reference to jade, as well as a detailed illustration inspired by the Lacandon Jungle.

Real de Jade // Chiapanecan Jaguar Symbol
Real de Jade // Optimal Height at Harvest

“Gourmet coffee”

Real de Jade // Chiapanecan Jungle Illustration
Real de Jade // Tapir Illustration Detail
Real de Jade // Customized Typeface
Real de Jade // Packaging Detail
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