Nómico — Software // Isotype and Social Media
2020 // Mexico
2020 // Mexico

Nómico — Payroll Software.

Nómico is a software to mediate and help the transactions and processes of loans and credits between commercial houses and government offices, trying not to generate a greater debt in the employees.

Employees have a balance between their payroll and the payments to make, while the government avoids human resource problems and the business houses receive their payments on time on the agreed terms.


Nómico — Software // Logotype


To create a graphic identity that inspires confidence and security, as well as being memorable and consistent with the nature of the project.


With a serif logo with slight modifications and a color palette in green tones, the graphic identity of Nómico is minimalist and with the seriousness that the project required.

Nómico — Software // Logotype and Isotype
Nómico — Software // Instagram Posts

“Your perfect tool”

Nómico — Software // Isotype
Nómico — Software // Advertising Concept
Nómico — Software // Billboard
Nómico — Software // Advertising Concept
Nómico — Software // Advertising Poster
Nómico — Software // Advertising Concept
Nómico — Software // Business Cards
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