Téule Hotel // Branding Concept
2020 // Mexico
2020 // Mexico

Téule Hotel — San Miguel de Allende.

Téule is a company with a long history in lodging services in San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato. Some fundamentals for the brand are quality service and tradition.

TThe brand came up from the need to change the original name for corporate reasons, however, it was the perfect timing to refresh the image and perception of the company towards its current philosophy.


Téule Hotel // Logotype


To create a branding that explores “The New Mexicanity”, that is, tradition with a current and modern approach. Also, to include the different sides of the hotel where social events, art and a lot of tradition coexist.


The logo is simple and elegant, made with a sans-serif font with different weights. The color palette in ocher tones evokes the sunset, and altogether, the branding synthesizes the experience of San Miguel de Allende.

Téule Hotel // Isotype
Téule Hotel // Mexican Traditions
Téule Hotel // Isotype creation process

“The place where everybody is convened”

Téule Hotel // Brand peripherials and Advertising Poster
Téule Hotel // Bespoke Illustration
Téule Hotel // Business Cards
Téule Hotel // Room Key Card
Téule Hotel // Visual Concept
Téule Hotel // Advertising and Communication Concept
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