Coranhé — Jewlery // Packaging Design
2021 // Mexico
2021 // Mexico

Coranhé — Jewelry.

Located in Guadalajara, Coranhé is a Mexican jewelry brand inspired by nature and the connections created with living beings.

They plan to donate a part of their profits to benefit an organization in favor of preserving nature.


Coranhé — Jewlery // Logotype


To create an identity that communicates the essence of the brand and reflects its commitment to environmental conservation


The minimalist branding is mainly inspired by the ocean and the different beings that inhabit it. A serif typeface with triangular finishes was used for the logo, the triangles represent fish in the water. The color palette is soft in green and lilac tones. The isotype is made with the letters "Co" and resembles a piece of jewelry.

Coranhé — Jewlery // Business Cards Design
Coranhé — Jewlery // Business Cards

“The geometry of nature”

Coranhé — Jewlery // Brochure
Coranhé — Jewlery // Social Media Feed Design
Coranhé — Jewlery // Social Media Feed Design
Coranhé — Jewlery // Packaging
Coranhé — Jewlery // Poster
Coranhé — Jewlery // Poster
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